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Braces for Teenagers Aged 10 to 18

The various treatment options for teenagers with braces can be found below. You can get all treatment details by clicking on the type of treatment you require!

  • Metal brackets

    Erwachsen-Metal brackets
    young woman with teeth braces of gray colour

Why are braces so important for developing adolescents?

Crooked teeth or a jaw misalignment lead to overloading of individual regions.
ATTENTION : This can damage the teeth themselves or cause problems with the periodontium, the jawbone, the jaw joint and the chewing muscles. Language problems are also a common cause.

The growth of the jaw can still be optimally influenced at this age. Excessive growth must be inhibited. Jaw growth that is too slow must be accelerated. These are important tasks of a good orthodontist.

Timely treatment can help with a variety of problems:

  • You can prevent future orthodontic treatments!
  • Psychosocial aspects and optics are often reasons for not feeling well
  • The growth can be used perfectly for treatment during this time. Facial skull growth, the change of teeth and the eruption of teeth.

What should be taken into account during orthodontic treatment (tooth straightening) of a misaligned tooth?

  • When is orthodontic treatment necessary for teenagers?
    Timing is very important :
  • The important main phase of treatment begins from the age of 11 or 12 – phase 2 begins after the end of the late mixed dentition or directly after the change of teeth.
  • The growth peak is reached around the age of 11 or 12 for girls and around the age of 13 or 14 for boys.
    Starting treatment at this point makes sense and is beneficial!

The right time to start orthodontic treatment is particularly important.

Relevant for the right starting time:

  • The chronological age
  • Dental and skeletal age
  • Skeletal development
  • The type of misalignment (dysgnathia).

Unfavorable growth influences can of course further exacerbate the misalignment. contribute to complicating treatment and worsening the prognosis.
Growth is essential for the optimal treatment of tooth misalignment such as lower jaw or upper jaw retention.

Braces in Teenagers and the Duration of Treatment

Depending on the misalignment of the teeth, treatment with fixed braces takes an average of 18-24 months with brackets. In adults, the duration varies from case to case. All details will then be clarified in the free initial consultation.

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Braces for Teenagers, the Process!

  1. Free initial consultation for misaligned teeth in our orthodontics. Appointment only by appointment!
  2. Create treatment documents for individual treatment courses. Diagnosis with x-rays, photos and digital scans. Always without marks.
  3. Plan discussion and explanation. X-ray evaluation and the analysis discussion about which type of braces and/or brackets are necessary for the individual case.
  4. Start of treatment. Inserting the device and providing information about cleaning and wearing times
  5. Important and necessary check-ups every 6-8 weeks
  6. End of treatment. Removing the braces and discussing the results of the treatment
  7. Retention– the beginning of stabilization of the treatment result.

Here you will find the entire process in my orthodontics explained in detail.