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Invisalign, Invisible Braces, Clear Aligner Orthodontics for Adults

Treatment is generally possible at any age. However, there are some special features to consider when it comes to braces for adults. Whether treatment makes sense and is possible can only be seen after an examination of the teeth, gums and jawbone. Then follows the diagnosis and assessment of the success of treatment with braces.

Braces for Adults

Just like with children, there are different options for orthodontic treatment for adults. The following types of braces are possible:

  • Ceramic brackets

    Metal brackets – the fixed braces for adults. When you use clear ceramic brackets, you benefit from a significantly improved appearance.

The brackets are fixed directly to the outside of the teeth and are particularly popular with young people and adults. Wires in the same color as the tooth can also be used.

Zahnspange Erwachsene

These internal braces appear almost completely invisible with great precision, all day long.

Positive: Invisible! The braces cannot be seen from the outside.
Negative : When first speaking, S & C sounds can be harder to pronounce.

Another option for treating misaligned teeth. Regulation is carried out using individually designed rails. Almost invisible and removable.

These Aligners are mostly worn by adults and should be worn both day and night. The Invisalign Clear Aligner are removed to eat and brush your teeth.

Refund Options for Adult Braces

Depending on the severity of the tooth misalignment and the type of treatment, health insurance companies or supplementary insurance companies will reimburse parts of the treatment!
Information about reimbursements from health insurance companies:  Please click on your insurance company, you will be redirected directly to the information page.


Information about reimbursement for additional insurance: Please contact your insurance company, we have no insight into the different contracts.

Teeth Regulation for Adults, the Process:

  1. Free initial consultation for misaligned teeth in our orthodontics. Appointment only by appointment!
  2. Create treatment documents for individual treatment courses. Diagnosis with x-rays, photos and digital scans. Always without marks.
  3. Plan discussion and explanation. X-ray evaluation and the analysis discussion about which type of braces and/or brackets are necessary for the individual case.
  4. Start of treatment. Inserting the device and providing information about cleaning and wearing times
  5. Important and necessary check-ups every 6-8 weeks
  6. End of treatment. Removing the braces and discussing the results of the treatment
  7. Retention– the beginning of stabilization of the treatment result.

Here you will find the entire process in my orthodontics explained in detail.